The OPTISHIP Team offers s/w tools via its portal, where s/w can be downloaded for temporary use, acquisition, or used in cooperation with developing partners.

Project partners participated in European Commission Research and Technology Development (RTD) projects (e.g., H2020 and Horizon Europe as of 2021), took advantage of nationally funded programmes and developed products based on advanced mathematics, operation research, and state-of-the-art technologies, as IoT, AI, blockchain, machine learning, applicable to the broader maritime sector (e.g., shipping, oil & gas, ports).

Project Partners concertedly offer experience of 100+ years of expertise in research technology development, in 20+ RTD sectors, in cooperation with 500+ partners, and participation in 200+ RTD projects since 1990.

Project Partners offer services for their tools (application, training, and improvement or tailoring to specific needs of a client) in parallel to services in broader maritime consulting.